Happy New Year 2023: Belarus

As in Moldova and Russia, Christmas in Belarus often takes second place to New Year’s Eve celebrations, a holdover from Soviet times when ideology demanded the abandonment of “Western” and religious holidays. However, Belarus does have a historical connection with Christmas, and the observance has become increasingly popular. Even if New Year’s is the bigger … Continue reading Happy New Year 2023: Belarus

Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

Welcome to my updated catalogue of Postcrossing-themed stamps, issued between 2011 and the present 2022. This covers mainly those stamps officially released by postal administrations around the world. There are also a number of personalized stamps on this topic, some official but most privately created as well as a large variety of pictorial cancellations and … Continue reading Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

The 12 Days Of Christmas Stamps 2014: Day 2 – Germany and Belarus

On 3 November, Germany released a Christmas stamp depicting the Star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas Star, which in the Christian tradition revealed the birth of Jesus to the Magi and led them to Bethlehem.  I always enjoy seeing children’s artwork used on stamps and I often see potential stamp subjects amongst the … Continue reading The 12 Days Of Christmas Stamps 2014: Day 2 – Germany and Belarus