Christmas Stamps 2022: Brazil

On October 31, Correios released a single-stamp souvenir sheet as its issue for Christmas 2022. The main design element is the Star of Bethlehem, from which positive words emanate. The figures represent the diversity of peoples, ages and gender and are looking directly at the Christmas Star, symbolizing the hope and feeling of brotherhood that … Continue reading Christmas Stamps 2022: Brazil

A Whirlwind Month (Plus Big Changes On the Horizon)

November whipped right by with nary a blink.  I stayed busy throughout the month although the actual work load has been extremely light. Most of my "downtime" in the office was spent working on the Philatelic Pursuits website. As of this writing, I have published just over 170 articles to the site this month beating … Continue reading A Whirlwind Month (Plus Big Changes On the Horizon)