Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

Welcome to my updated catalogue of Postcrossing-themed stamps, issued between 2011 and the present 2022. This covers mainly those stamps officially released by postal administrations around the world. There are also a number of personalized stamps on this topic, some official but most privately created as well as a large variety of pictorial cancellations and … Continue reading Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

Postcrossing: Direct Swap #1 and Sending Cards #11, 12 & 13!

While I usually just do the regular Postcrossing method of requesting "official" addresses, I would like to participate in more direct swaps.  To date, I've only done one which was arranged via Facebook.  I sent Lee in Indonesia a card from Phuket about two months ago and just received this nice card from Bali in … Continue reading Postcrossing: Direct Swap #1 and Sending Cards #11, 12 & 13!