Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

Welcome to my updated catalogue of Postcrossing-themed stamps, issued between 2011 and the present 2022. This covers mainly those stamps officially released by postal administrations around the world. There are also a number of personalized stamps on this topic, some official but most privately created as well as a large variety of pictorial cancellations and … Continue reading Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022

Postcrossing: Sent Cards #7 & 8!

I sent three Postcrossing cards last month and all three have now arrived with the two most recent being registered over the last couple of days. Card #TH-146505 was sent to Ans in the Netherlands.  She'd  requested a card showing shipping, ports, or water.  The only one I could find remotely meeting those requirements was a … Continue reading Postcrossing: Sent Cards #7 & 8!

Postcrossing: Received Cards #6 and #7

Yesterday, I received two Postcrossing cards -- the first time that's happened since I've rejoined.  Each of these travelled for less than three weeks so that's a bit of an improvement.  Both were sent undercover in envelopes.  That doesn't seem to have any effect on the speed of transit.  Oh, well... The first envelope actually … Continue reading Postcrossing: Received Cards #6 and #7

Postcrossing: Received Card #4 And My First Design Efforts

I believe that our local mailman -- a very large man (think Samoan wrestler large) on a very small motorbike (110cc Honda Dream) -- is getting used to seeing my name on items in his mailbag.  And the man and woman who man the front desk at my guesthouse seem to take delight in giving … Continue reading Postcrossing: Received Card #4 And My First Design Efforts