The Week That Was #2019-04

Finally, we seem to be past the huge number of holidays and other activities that served as disruptions in the school schedule, starting in early December with Thai National Day and Constitution Day, continuing through Christmas and New Year's celebrations, Mid-Term exams, and culminating with Thai Children's Day and National Teacher's Day nearly two weeks … Continue reading The Week That Was #2019-04

Friday Photos #9: Old Town Festival

My favorite local celebration is the Phuket Old Town Festival, now in it’s 16th year.  Held annually immediately following Chinese New Year, it’s three days of blocked-off streets, massive crowds, all manner of performances – cultural and musical – booths selling many different souvenirs and articles of clothing, and an endless variety of delicious food.  … Continue reading Friday Photos #9: Old Town Festival

Por Tor Festival in Phuket: Day One’s Procession

Today is the first day of the seventh lunar month on the Chinese calendar.  It is the beginning of the annual fifteen-day period that Thai-Chinese people believe the spirits of their ancestors are released from heaven to visit their relatives.  In Thailand, it is popularly known as Ngan Por Tor or the "Hungry Ghost Festival" … Continue reading Por Tor Festival in Phuket: Day One’s Procession