Postcrossing: Received Card #8!


This morning was one of Postcrossing firsts: my first card from Lithuania and my first card received from a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a popular collecting speciality that I want to pursue (both in stamps and postcards). My Postcrossing profile includes a request for World Heritage cards.

SAM_0113Card #LT-318519 was sent by Kristina in Vilnius back on 4 September, meaning that it took a whopping 36 days to travel the 8,212 km (5,103 miles) from there to Phuket!  The only card to take longer came from Alaska.


I really like the fact that Kristina included both the time she wrote the card and what the weather was like, something that I will begin to add to my own cards:

Sept. 17th, 2013

20:20 p.m.  +15° C  [raining]

“Hi, Mark,

“Nothing easier than a World Heritage Site, since I live just 15 minute on foot away from the Old Town and this campus I may call my own.  Now and then I am showing arouund German speaking tourists…”


The card is split into four separate pictures showing scenes of Vilnius Old Town:

1, 4.  The Old University of Vilnius (16th century)
2. The Observatory of Vilnius University
3. The Church of Saint Johns (18th century)

A really nice card, indeed!

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