TH-1059: National Children’s Day



Issue Number:  TH-1059
Issue Name:  National Children’s Day 2015 Commemorative Stamps
Issue Date:  2015-01-10
Denomination:  3 baht (5 designs)
Designer: Mr. Thaneth Ponchalwong (Thailand Post Company Ltd.)
Printer:  Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited
Printing Process:  Lithography, multi-colored
Quantity of Stamps:  700,000 per design
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet (different designs – 2 sets)
Perforation:  14.75 x 14
Size:  48 x 30 mm (horizontal – measured from perforation to perforation)
Details:  Local Vehicles of 10 ASEAN Nations

National Children’s Day postage stamp is the consecutive series under ASEAN themes same as the last 2 years.  The theme for 2013 is national costumes while the theme of 2014 is greeting words.  In 2015, the theme is about local vehicles of 10 ASEAN nations illustrated as boys and girls in comic design, presented together with their vehicles.  Different vehicles reflect various cultural identities in ASEAN.  Thailand, on behalf of one of member countries, would like to present the inception of ASEAN Community in year 2015 with this stamps which is comprised of 5 designs as follows:

>Design 1:  Brunei Darussalam:  Water Taxi — Wooden boat with engine.
Cambodia: Cyclo — Tricycle with rear driver seat and front passenger seat

>Design 2: Indonesia: Becak –Modified tricycle taxi for 1-2 passengers
Laos: Mini tricycle — Modified tricycle with engine

>Design 3: Malaysia: Trisikal –Tricycle for 1-2 paassengers with front or side driver seat
Myanmar: Saika –Tricycle taxi for 2 passengers on back-to-back position

>Design 4: Philippines: Jeepney –Passengers can sit with knees up, normally used for transportation purpose
Singapore: San Lu Che –Trishaws for city travelling

>Design 5: Thailand: Tuk-Tuk –Tricycle with engine to replace tricycle prohibited in city areas
Vietnam: Xe Ba –Tricycle with back driver seat and front passenger seat for sightseeing

                                                                 ©2015 Thailand Post

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