Daily Phuket #64: 02 August 2021 – Ready for Rain

This was my first Monday teaching this school year, albeit online. In Thailand, that means “yellow shirt day” as we wear yellow in honor of HM the King. I have two such shirts, one has the cipher of the late Bhumiphol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and need to ascertain that I do not accidentally put that one on. The correct one is for the current Maha Vajiralongkhorn. Unfortunately, the two selfies I made of myself wearing that while sat at my computer this afternoon are somewhat blurry. I will make another attempt next week.

I was bundled up in a new rain jacket this morning, however. As we have had almost non-stop heavy showers since late last week, I tend to prepare for the worst as I will be sat on the back of a motorbike for 30 minutes or so during the journey to and from my school. My computer sits in its original shipping box but that is wrapped not only in a jumbo-sized garbage bag but topped-off with a couple of elastic rain covers designed to keep backpacks dry. I put on the bright orange rain coat and then my backpack, covered in yet another rain cover.

Ready for the rain, it often holds off. Indeed, in four days of travelling in such a manner we have only been caught in a downpour once. By the time my driver arrived this morning, the sun had made a rare appearance. The clouds to the east (in the direction of the school) were still rather ominous and I was already wrapped up so away we went. It was a hot ride but at least I was ready for the worst. The return drive home was similarly rain-free (and I dispensed with the rain jacket) although this evening has seen a return of the heavy squalls.

The forecast is expected to remain the same through at least the weekend.

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