Daily Phuket #70: 08 August 2021 – Sunday Sunset

I spent most of the day working on lesson plans for the upcoming week of school and only ventured outside briefly to pick up a bit of dinner at 7-Eleven. I still need to finish flashcard sets for three class levels (P1, P2, and P4) which I can do tomorrow between classes as well as in the evening. While I have a good idea what I am doing in the P2 and P4 classes, P1 is supposed to have a lesson on numbers and I am still at a loss of how to do that via the online class. My usual technique for this topic is to just have them go around the classroom collecting similar objects to count or I find a certain number of things of the same color (How many red pencils are there? for example). I guess I will just create flashcards with different combinations of things and numbers. I think it will get old fast so I will be on the lookout for a video or two to break it up a bit.

The only photos I managed (other than one of my dinner) were several I shot off of my balcony towards the west as the sun began disappearing behind Rang Hill. The house in the foreground is actually encroaching on public land. There used to be a park and a large tree on this plot. I really miss the tree as it provided much needed shade in the afternoon. Without it, my apartment gets quite hot as the concrete walls are heated by the sun. Thus the need for my blackout curtains. The owner — a mini-van mafia kingpin — loves to endear himself on his neighbors by periodically erecting a huge screen outside and projecting Bollywood movies on it at tremendous volume, usually starting after midnight and lasting until dawn.

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