Daily Phuket #35: 7 April 2021 – Pots on Top

Yet another morning with nothing much to do as the servers were down for my website, Philatelic Pursuits. I’d planned to spend most of the day working on updates to the site but the 502 errors persisted and my webhost support didn’t fix it until later this evening. After an entire morning spent watching YouTube videos, I left the school at one in the afternoon to travel to our agency offices, arriving in time to teach my private student. It looked like rain as I left the mall so I took a motorbike taxi back home. Most of this evening has been spent reading my book about Tibet, Eat the Buddha.

I only took one photo all day, during my walk to work. This empty shophouse near the water-cannon circle, has a variety of blue-and-white pots lining boards on the ceiling and outside of the second-floor windows. I’ve never seen such a thing anywhere else in Phuket where the roofs tend to be rows of curved tiles angling downwards towards the street. As usually happens whenever a business fails and all signs of it are removed, I cannot remember what was once sold here. Perhaps pottery, but I am not certain. Right next door is a small corner establishment which used to be just a place for light snacks but seems to have developed into quite the popular bar, always packed with locals and expats alike.

The only other photo taken on my phone today was by my private student (an 8-year-old girl), an extreme close-up of her longtime teacher (me!) which I share below….

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